SCOTUS: If The Police Stop You Illegally, It Could Still Be Legal

SCOTUS: If Police Stop You Illegally, It Could Still Be Legal On Monday morning, the Supreme Court handed down their 5-3 decision in Utah v. Strieff, a case dealing with the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule. Justice Breyer joined the conservative judges Read More →

How to Fight Against Forfeiting Your Money, Car, or Property in Maryland

Imagine driving your car to the bank to cash your paycheck or withdraw $3,000 to buy a nice 70 inch television that you have had your eye on for months, and you’ve been saving up your money to buy it Read More →

DUI and DWI Laws In Maryland: What The Difference Is, Penalties You Face, And How To Beat a DUI or DWI

The Difference Between DUI and DWI in Maryland In Maryland, if you are charged with an alcohol-relating driving offense, chances are you are charged with both DUI and DWI simultaneously. So what is the difference? DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, Read More →