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If you have been arrested for (Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, Cannabis) or other Controlled Substance offenses, The Modarres Law Firm may negotiate your entry into a program, such as Drug Court, as a sentencing option that will save you from having a felony conviction on your record. Some programs dismiss all charges once completed, other programs require the accused to enter a probationary term via a plea agreement, but the probation term will terminate once the program is completed. No matter what the program, it’s usually a preferable option to jail and the mandatory two year suspension of your drivers license that is attached to drug offenses.

Drug Court Programs are rather difficult and carry with them stricter terms and conditions than an average probationary sentence with drug conditions imposed. For example, an average probation sentence involves random urinalysis testing and completion of a 12 week drug program. A Drug Court program requires significantly more, but the benefits may be greater for you. Here’s an overview of the Drug Court Program:


First, it must be determined that you actually do have a drug-related problem. An assessment of you is conducted and once the actual drug-related problem is determined, the program may then conduct a background check (to check for violent felony offenses, because some Drug Court program jurisdictions will not let you in if you have a prior violent felony offense).

In Orange County’s Drug Court program, for example, there are 3 “Phases”. Phase 1 last for a minimum of 60 days and requires 3 group meetings per week, 6 individual counseling sessions, a meeting with the Judge every 2 weeks, and random urinalysis. To even enter the second phase, you must comply with all of the above conditions AND be substance free for at least 30 days.


Also lasts a minimum of 60 days, but the group meetings are reduced to twice a week, 1 individual counseling session per week, 2 self-help meetings per week, a meeting with the Judge every two weeks, random urinalysis, and again, you must be substance free for 30 consecutive days to enter Phase 3.


Will last a minimum of 45 days, and only requires 1 group session per week, 1 individual counseling session per week, 3 approved self-help meetings per week, random urinalysis, and a meeting with the Judge once a month. Exiting Phase 3 also requires 30 consecutive days substance free.


Aftercare usually requires 1 group session per week, random urinalysis, a monthly meeting with the Judge, and 30 consecutive days substance free to be eligible for program completion.

That sounds like a lot of terms and conditions to comply with. Add in a normal cost of around $900.00 and it may almost seem impossible to complete. And of course there are the additional terms that you may not consume any alcohol whatsoever during Drug Court program, and testing positive for an illegal drug or alcohol gives the Judge the authority to impose various forms of Drug Court punishment.

  1. First positive test= a ‘sentence’ of 8 -16 hours community service
  2. Second positive test= more community service
  3. Third positive test= jail, with the actual jail term varying based on subsequent failed tests.
*** NOTE: A missed random urinalysis screening counts as a positive test in Florida.

If you are in a position that you are genuinely in need of help and treatment as opposed to jail time, The Modarres Law Firm will work tirelessly to get you into the Drug Court program if it is available in your jurisdiction. We believe that the Drug Court program is one of the few successful programs offered by the State and the Courts that is producing positive results for people. Call us at (407) 408-0494 and you will be connected directly to an attorney who will discuss your options with you. We’ll work out the details and navigate your case through the appropriate channels to get you the best outcome possible. Let us handle the details while you relax. Problem Solved.


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